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Lorraine Hansberry’s Life & Works (per 2)

Hansberry's Life (site 1)
That link leads to a website that shows Hansberry’s biography and different works that she wrote. It goes through different stages of her life from childhood to her death of cancer in 1965. It tells also dates of when different works of her were coming out.

Hansberry's Life (site 2)
This link tells us the names of Lorraine’s parents and a lot of her childhood information. It shows you her academic career. Later she married white Jewish boy named Robert Nemiroff. It mentions her most important plays in her career.


"Young, Gifted, and Black" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 1)
During Lorraine Hansberry’s time, inequality between white people and black still exists; she encouraged black people that they can do things well as the white people. Young, gifted and black; these three words are suitable to describe them. They can use these elements to contribute the community.

"Young, Gifted, and Black" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 2)
It was a song written by Nina Simone and Weldon Irvine. It has the same title as Hansberry’s play, to be Young, gifted and black. The song expresses that it’s proud to be young, gifted and black. When you feel really down and upset, you should think about you are young, gifted and black. You could be creative, intelligence. Try to open your heart and adapt the truth.


“The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window” by Lorraine Hansberry (site 1)
“The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window” is the second Broadway play by Lorraine Hansberry. It is about social and moral responsibility. It sets in New York’s Greenwich Village, 1960. The first published is in 1965’s. There are many characters and relationships in the play; it makes for a problematic evening. The main character in this play is Sidney Brustein, he is a smug man who blinds to his own casual injustices and supports a reform candidate in a local election. He is surrounded by a colorful collection of characters, among his wife, Iris. His black best friend is a gay playwright and a Beat artist.

“The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window” by Lorraine Hansberry (site 2)
idney is a clever bastard, sometimes sweet, often charming. He is mean to family, friends and neighbors alike. The comeuppance Sidney gets by the end of the play is that every thing he thought he knew, even about the people closest to him, turns out to be completely wrong. Hansberry loved Sidney’s sister-in-law, Mavis because she did all the best things in the play.


"Les Blancs" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 1)
Lorraine Hansberry was the first black women who wrote a drama. “Les Blancs” was her last work in her life. The play tells us how different groups of people survive the violent forces of colonization.

"Les Blancs" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 2)
“Les Blancs” was a book that Robert Nemiroff helped Hansberry edited and published the anthology of her work. It was a play about liberation movements. He put Hansberry’s last 3 plays together to form a book. And in the scene in Les Blancs, Hansberry advances the need for dialogue between the oppressed and the oppressor. It shows that there are different types of personality people


"The Drinking Gourd" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 1)
This link tells you a summary about “The Drinking Gourd”. Also it tells the summary about the original version of the story. This link tells you about back round information about the website. There is also a synopsis on the story. Warning this synopsis is a spoiler! If your one of those people who hate spoilers then don’t read this. It also tells the different version of “The Drinking Gourd”.

"The Drinking Gourd" by Lorraine Hansberry (site 2)
This link is basically a timeline of the Drinking Gourd. The Drinking Gourd was actually discovered by a boy signing a song. Also the Drinking Gourd was first published by H.B. Parks. Then a couple of years later it was made into a folk song. This song became famous for the meaning. Also just incase you don’t understand

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