Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly Calendar 12/1-12/5

Monday 12/1
  • Objective: Explore thematic elements of the story
  • Activities: 1) Grammar practice with homophones, 2) Lesson Notes on Theme, 3) Examine themes in OMAM
  • Homework: Read & annotate with Level 2-3 notes Ch5 (p.84-98) in Of Mice and Men
Tuesday 12/2
  • Objective: Wrap up SSR Book Groups Round 2
  • Activities: 1) SSR & Quickwrite, 2) Book Groups meet, 3) Grammar practice with homophones
  • Homework: Read & annotate with Level 2-3 notes Ch6 (p.99-107) in Of Mice and Men
Wednesday 12/3
  • Objective: Explore plot & conflict elements in the story
  • Activities: 1) Grammar practice, 2) Discuss the end of the novel!!, 3) Lesson Notes on Plot and Conflict elements of the story
  • Homework: Answer these two questions in a 1.5 page analysis, organized into multiple well-structured paragraphs: 1) Describe what you believe is the plot structure of the novel, and explain how/why the climax is the climax. 2) What is the central conflict of the novel; what type of conflict is it (see green packet) and how is it developed?
Thursday 12/4
  • Objective: Prepare for Socratic discussion
  • Activities: 1) Quiz on homophones, 2) SSR & Quickwrite, 3) Develop questions for Socratic discussion
  • Homework: Pre-writing for Socratic Discussion, according to guidelines that will be provided (they will be posted here by Wed 12/3)
Friday 12/5
  • Objective: Demonstrate analytical thinking through Socratic Discussion
  • Activities: 1) Open Mic!, 2) Socratic Discussion (graded) on OMAM, following guidelines
  • Homework: Finish your SSR Response Letter, which is due Monday 12/8 for 40 points
  • Note: Submit your OMAM book today for your Annotation Grade. Grading is based on three criteria: 1) Completion & volume of notes, especially at key points in the text, 2) Variety of notes, including a range of types we studied such as connections, opinions, predictions, questions, author's style, etc. (see yellow lesson notes), 3) Development of deep and insightful thoughts into Level 2 & 3 notes.

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