Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Calendar 12/5-12/12

Monday 12/8/08 (SSR Letters Due Today - 40 pts)
  • Objective: Continue Socratic Seminar on OMAM
  • Activities: 1) Socratic Seminar, 2) Exam review, 3) OMAM annotation grades returned
  • Homework: 1) Make & study flashcards on the different elements of a story (see green Lesson Notes) with a short definition/explanation and sub-elements identified for each major element. 2) Review grammar rules for good/well & homophones.
Tuesday 12/9/08
  • Objective: Finish Socratic Seminar & prepare for exam
  • Activities: 1) Socratic Seminar, 2) Exam review
  • Homework: For each of the six elements of a story (see green LN), find one great example passage from OMAM and explain how the passage shows the element & sub-elements; for plot, do a plot map/chart for OMAM
Wednesday 12/10/08 (OMAM Exam Today - 100 pts)
  • Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of OMAM, elements of a story, and key grammar points
  • Activities: 1) Exam on OMAM, elements of a story, and grammar points
  • Homework: 1) Read & review essay questions for OMAM, 2) select one question you are very interested in, 3) write a developed brainstorm on what question, with lots of your own original ideas & examples from the book (1+ page)
Thursday 12/11/08
  • Objective: Introduce essay structure & thesis
  • Activities: 1) Power Word: thesis, 2) lesson on essay structure, 3) practice outlining with sample essay
  • Homework: Completely fill in the outline for your essay on OMAM. Use phrases or complete ideas on each line (more than one word, less than a full sentence).
Friday 12/12/08
  • Objective: More practice with essay outlining
  • Activities: 1) Open Mic!, 2) highlight outlines, 3) highlight sample essay, noting use of quotes as CDs
  • Homework: Find
    passages & page numbers form OMAM that support/demonstrate each of your CDs in your essay. Add page #s and a brief summary of the scene to your outline for every CD in every body paragraph.

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